I first went online in 1994 - there were only a handful of websites in the world, and it was exciting just to go to chat rooms and ask Australians what the weather was like. Obviously times have moved on! I have plenty of experience working with html and wordpress sites, plus the wild world of social media.


I've been working on websites since the late 1990s. Here are two wordpress sites I designed and currently maintain:
   SOS and  Vacuum Pumps UK


In recent years I have had plenty of experience designing emails and running mailchimp campaigns. I tend to use bespoke html rather than the standard templates.


As a writing specialist I can tweet, blog and provide all knds of content - I have experience with most of the major online platforms.I currently run the social feeds for SOS:


Although I build basic principles of search engine optimisation into the sites I design, I do not claim to be a SEO specialist. Of course, "I know a man who can" so if rankings are important, I can make it happen.

“Jim has run many email campaigns for us. His emails look great, and are always well written to maximise response and tie in with the rest of our marketing"

Richard Mawson, MD, CyanX

“Jim Bower has always handled our website and online activity with effectiveness and flair."

Bob Usher, MD, Apex Digital


Phone: 07855 856953

Email : jim@jimbower.net